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BLKJ | KrisShop articles

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what you're going to get with out-of-the-box chocolate makers.

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RICE | Business & Branding

Colour is power: use it to build your brand

Colours, and their ability to elicit emotion from people, are a great resource whether you’re shaping or introducing your brand.

What is IGTV and why should your brand be interested?

With a new platform such as IGTV to play with, comes new branding and marketing opportunities for everyone.

Lessons to learn from Netflix's disruptive innovation

Behind the seemingly unstoppable appeal of Netflix in today’s vast ocean of content, is their dedication to disruptive innovation.

How AI is the golden ticket to operational excellence

Stay ahead of the crowd, ensure your business is running at operational excellence.

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Expedia | Travel

Interesting cities in France

France – where art, science and philosophy all come together. 

Famous beautiful churches around the world

Stained glass windows and stately statues — here are the churches around the world famed for their aesthetic intricacies.

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Glints | Tech & Careers

8 Typical Questions Interviewers Ask Junior Software Developers

So you’re a junior software developer, getting ready for a job interview? If you’re panicking, nerves and all, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. 

How to Win At Personal Branding As a Working Millennial in Singapore

We may not all be CEOs, but there is one thing we are all proud bosses of – our personal brand!

How you can run productive 1-on-1 reviews to keep your remote tech team motivated

Remote working: the new trend in the corporate world!

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Observer+ | News & Opinion

The darker the humour, the smarter the brain?

Research shows that people who have the ability to understand and appreciate dark humour have a higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Lee Hsien Yang rebukes brother’s Parliament statement in Facebook post

LHY accuses LHL of using wordplay in his Parliament statements and maintains that the latter is not telling the truth.

Halimah Yacob: “I am not a reserved president”

President-elect Halimah Yacob acknowledges reserved elections, but clarifies that that does not make her a “reserved president”.

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Content.co | Lifestyle

Retirement Planning: How it benefits your children

The retirement age of 62 may seem like a faraway future for some, but is it ever too early to plan for retirement?

5 things on your to-do list when your child goes abroad to study

Overseas study trips can be daunting for your children, even if they are unwilling to admit it.

Your Handy Guide to Affordable Furniture

Gone are the days where IKEA was the only place where you could get affordable furniture. 

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